Past Student Testimonials

David Kiser - CSCP

"I knew the CSCP exam wouldn't be easy, but I foolishly thought that between studying supply chain in college and my work experience, I'd be able to pass without taking the class. Thankfully I re-considered and decided to take the CSCP course - I wouldn't have passed otherwise."

"When you realize you passed the CSCP exam by just a few questions, and you reflect on all the studying you did to prepare, you're more appreciative of the CSCP course, the instructor, and your CSCP classmates." 

"I under-estimated how difficult the CSCP exam would be. I passed, but barely. When you pass by just a few questions, that's when the value of the CSCP course really hits you." 

"Wanted to let you know I passed the exam.  Man, it was tough and I barely passed but I couldn't have done it without your help.  Really glad I took the class - thank you."

Sanjida Rashid, CLTD

The certification has helped me be top candidate in Job interview’s and I was basically told that due to the certification, I am considered and ranked higher than other candidates. I ended up getting the job. Along with that what you learn with the certification stays with you.